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HBF Series

High performance bare fibres manufactured with ultra high qauality PMM. Available in bulk spools and a wind range of diametres for decorative use, and application in protected areas where there is no danger of mechanical damage. Comprehensive technical and performance specifications are available in the technical catalogue.

MDI Series

The most technologicaly advanced illuminator systems, incorporating scores of exclusive features and standard market lamp for low cost maintenance and easy replacement anywhere in the world.


BHI Series

Our budget line has been designed to cover scores of decorative applications in every field, with a combination of compact size and a full range of feather, including diverse disc/motor configurations of effects and colour change with different lamp options.

MDF Series

Light dispersion fitting cover very large areas and are especially suited for ample flat surfaces where striking decorative effects can be accomplished with a limited number of elecments, powered by 3 or 5 mm fibres, for cost effective decorative schemes.


Custom products