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To a chosen circle of specialists as notam offers to include the ad notam BOX into their planning.

The ad notam BOX is a build in module, that was developed on basis of a new LCD Active Matrix specifically designed for the integration in glass and miror surfaces.

It can be use in many different apllications and is an ideal multimedia tool if you want glass and mirror surfaces to become elements of architectural design as well as platforms of communication.

A special casing module design reduces the common heat circulation and the glass or mirror surface can be sealed even airlight. A magnet hold system makes a simple and individually placeable montage at the rear of the glass possible and a simple dismantling in the services case.


Through the patented D.O.G. system architecture highest picture quality through glass and mirror surfaces is guaranteed. Front sided the observer will have the impression that glass surface and shown information are becoming one.

A unique futuristic look is created, that will satisfy the highest design expectation. ad notam can be used in commercial, public as well as private environments.

Main Features:

- Screen sizes: 6.4" to 37"
- Very low installation depth between 22 to 70 mm
- No heat circulation necessary
- International signal inputs (PAL, NTSC, SECAM)
- Individuallu placeable at the glass / many design possibilities
- Can become invisible in combination with Magic Mirror
- Magnetic holding system, simple revision
- Sophisticated look
- Connection to BUS / Home automation systems possible
- Special water protected RF remote control for transmission through mirrors, no additional external receiption eyes necessary
- External power supply: DC 12V or 24V
- Approvals (FCC, CSA, CE)
- Auto sense: Automatic recognition of the signal sources
- Screen formats: 16:9 HDTV for 32" & 37", 4:3 for others
- High End product: Developed and produced in Germany
- All signal sources / integrated TV Tuners
- Best picture quality because of patented "D.O.G. - system architecture" / direct placement on the glass
- Suitable for wet rooms, protection category up to IP X5

The ad notam principle

ad notam is a combination of glass and mirrors with a new LCD Active Matrix, the so called ad notam BOX. This build in module is installed at the backside of the glass. A magnet hold system makes a simple and individually, placeable mounting at the rear of the glass possible and a simple dismantling in the service case. In combination with the Magic Mirror, the information system is visible only in the switched on condition. Placement of display area, size and consistency of the glass according toyour requirements.