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CLlPSO is a high technology wall and ceiling covering. Its polyester weft, coated with polyurethane, fire rated M1 in France and its exceptional width up to 5 m, without joints nor seams, enable it to be adapted to all room shapes. Its technology makes it possible to fit ceilings all in one piece, with an unparalleled strength and evenness.

The Clipso covering is printed in millions of colors by the use of the latest high-definition digital printing method and allows the decoration of walls and ceilings, for new consructions or for renovations, from the CLlPSO DESIGN collection or from any image of your choice.


The technique:

We print only on our material (polyester weft with PU coating) which are stretched by our fixing system Clipso"". For technical informations, we invite you to visit our website

We treat each request on estimate according to the configuration of the building site. The installation is ensured by an approved fitter. We propose you to print your own images. The size of the images to be provided is on CD ROM at 300 DPI and at 1/lOth (minimum) of the real size in EPS or TIFF.

Activity :

CLlPSO and CLlPSO DESIGN are specialised in the dressing up of walls and ceilings. The CLlPSO covering replaces plaster board or flagstones for all the ceilings, for new constructions or for renovations. CLlPSO is declined in numerous colors (beige, sky blue, soft pink, perl grey, black...) in different qualities (acoustic, translucent, anti-bacterial), and can always be printed. This covering answers to all ecological requirements 'HQE' (High Environnemental Quality) in all its process, making up and installation.

CLlPSO and CLlPSO DESIGN are distributed worldwide.


Rich of its history in the enhancement of textile properties, of the development of the technical covering CLlPSO, and precursor in the digital print sector, CLlPSO DESIGN uses the latest high-definition digital printing methods - more than 360 Dpi.

CLlPSO innovates and develops numerous coverings which answer to technical requirements:

The translucent covering which adapts perfectly to "back-light".

The acoustic covering micro-perforated (300000 invisible perforations per square meter) which, , combined with a mineral wool, ensures first class sound absorption.

The anti-bacterial covering, with the partnership of CIBA, makes it possible to create walls and ceilings in all areas requiring an optical hygiene (CLlPSO integrates anti-bacterial molecules inside its covering) All these coverings can be digitally printed, up to 5 m wide!